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Professional Payroll Management

An essential function of any business with full-time employees, payroll accounting ensures staff are paid accurately and on time.

A payroll accountant takes care of filing employee compensation records correctly, taking into consideration taxable deductions, benefits, bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, leave, and more.

There are generally three facets to payroll management. Initial recordings refer to the standard payroll data relating to regular employee wages. Accrued wages are recorded at the end of your company’s accounting period. Finally, manual payments are inserted when an employee’s salary needs to be adjusted at any time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Accounting

  • Allows your in-house finance team to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Ensures you calculate and distribute pay according to regulatory compliance
  • Allows you to easily manage payroll across multiple locations
  • Relieves your team of a heavy administrative burden
  • Saves the cost of training in-house payroll staff or purchasing expensive software
  • Minimises the risk of inaccurate payroll management or tax processing penalties
  • Provides invaluable business support from an expert payroll accountant
Why Choose Jerroms as Your Payroll Manager
Future-Forward Approach

We keep one eye on the horizon with the very latest payroll management software, ensuring your company always stays ahead of the curve.

In-Depth Expertise

As leaders in the field of strategic accountancy, we stay up-to-date with all the latest payroll principles for timely, accurate and compliant reporting.

Agile Accountancy

We provide end-to-end accountancy and consulting to businesses of all sizes and sectors, tailoring our service at every turn to suit the ever-changing needs of your growing venture.

Our Payroll Services
HMRC Statutory Forms, Including P45s and P60s

We will issue and process all statutory forms such as P45 and P60. These are essential for annual income tax reporting and instances when an employee leaves your company.

PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick and Maternity Pay, Bonus and Termination Payments

Payroll management requires a high level of attention to detail, especially when you have multiple employees with varying benefits packages. We will meticulously process all payroll in accordance with PAYE, deducting the appropriate tax and national insurance while adjusting wages for those on sick or parental leave.

Payslips will be processed and submitted on time along with quarterly filings and annual returns, and all aspects of pay legislation will be adhered to.

Overtime, Mileage and Expenses Claims

Employee travel, expenses and overtime must all be recorded accurately.  We will make payments through the payroll system.

Pension Contributions, Salary Sacrifice Schemes and Childcare Voucher Schemes

All of the above must be deducted from your employee’s salaries, which can add another layer of complexity to payroll management. However, offering these benefits to your employees can be a fantastic way to reduce turnover and retain top talent.

Salary sacrifice schemes are especially beneficial to you and your staff because you’ll both stand to make savings on National Insurance. We’ll ensure the relevant percentage of earnings is deducted before tax and make pension contributions on your behalf.

Deductions Such as Student Loans

Along with income tax and National Insurance, your employees might be subject to additional deductions depending on their current rate of pay and personal circumstances. We will calculate the amount that needs to be deducted for student loans based on each individual’s wage and repayment plan, along with any other relevant deductions.

Employee Cost Reports

Generating detailed employee cost reports allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how much each employee costs – a figure which is often far higher than their salary alone. We will create and present these reports to you while suggesting strategic areas for improvement.

Electronic Input of BACS Payments for Salaries, PAYE, Pensions and Childcare Providers

Making payments by BACs can be incredibly time-consuming. We will handle the input of all necessary BACs payments to save you time and hassle, from salaries to PAYE, pensions and childcare providers.

Need a Meticulous and Efficient Payroll Manager?

Jerroms is on hand to provide precise and professional payroll services to both new and existing clients. Outsourcing payroll management is a fantastic way to free up time and money that could otherwise be channeled into the core functions of your business, igniting growth while streamlining operations.

Payroll management can be offered as a standalone service or alongside our other business solutions. Get in touch today to set up a free consultation about your needs.

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